Multi-cuisine restaurant

Exquisite cuisines enrich every occasion, especially a getaway. Nila Palace can offer a delectable experience for every taste bud. Here, the varieties are numerous. The services are welcoming. Whether it is indigenous or exotic, the tastes are simply excellent. With flavours from around the world, the restaurants will aptly suit for every connoisseur.

Share love, Celebrate friendship, Strengthen relationship or Cherish some sweet moments. The restaurants at Nila Palace exude a unique and vibrant atmosphere, Relaxed all-day dining, the most popular nightspot offering splendid international cuisine, the restaurants compliment the guests’ unique moods and varying tastes.
Silverina, the multi-cuisine restaurant serves the best Indian, Continental, Chinese and Kerala Delicacies. There is a wide choice of fish delicacies prepared with the freshest fish varieties. Thanks to Kerala’s largest fresh fish trading center.
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